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Enamel & Hot/Cold Water
In modern households hot water is self-evident. As steel is the standard raw material for boilers there is a question of corrosion resistance.
Porcelain Enamel proved its worth
If porcelain enamel is melted onto the steel at about 830-850°C it is more than a coating. During the enamelling process  a chemical and physical compound between steel and the glass-like enamel. The boiler gets its strength from the steel and the necessary corrosion resistance from the glass coating. The melted-on layer avoids any rusting. Porcelain enamel acts like an insulation because there is no absorption of water or electric conduction.
The glass lined steel is temperature resistant from -60°C to +450°C and extreme temperature changes are also no problem.
Special enamels were developed. These provide an optimal adhesion to the steel and fulfill every requirement for boilers. They show a very high resistance against water, steam and acids and they are physiologically harmless.
The enamel layer itself would provide a corrosion protection of 99% but to reach 100% anodes are installed.
Cold Water
Enamel provides highest protection for over- and underground hydrants, pipe systems, valves and connection parts because it is resistant to acid soils, frost, heat, wind and snow.


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