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Enamel & Engineering
Glass lined instruments can be found in different fields of the chemic- , fine chemic- and pharmacy industry.
From the view of the different applications, the specific problems and the goals of increasing productivity and quality, classic types of tanks were not always suitable. The producers of glass lined instruments made progresses and nowadays parts are glass lined which nobody thought about 15 years ago. Now different types of tanks are offered. From a small 6 liter pot up to a 110m³ mixing tank operators can choose from a variety of different pressure and temperature sectors as well as from different constructive options. 60m³ reactors for a pressure of 30bar with a weight of 75 tons and a thickness of 60mm can be delivered without pinholes.  It is also getting common to produce instruments made of glass lined stainless steel. These are used for low temperature applications or in the pharmacy industry for clean rooms. The enameled stainless steel tanks can be delivered with all types of surface quality.

The danger of destruction of the porcelain enamel through electrostatic charge and discharge can be avoided by the use of electric discharging enamel where the creepage increases fast so that a voltage rise which is the reason for defects on the enamel surface is avoided. Special developments of parts (flanges) or accessories (special valves), sight glasses melted in covers or heat exchangers and enameled profile punching plates for heating or cooling show huge advantages compared with the old system.


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