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Enamel & Bathroom
The advantages of porcelain enamel, which is a composite of resilient steel structures and a high quality homogeneous glass surface, are used to produce sanitary goods. Porcelain  Enamel provides an incomparable purity of shape. The surface is impact resistant, scratch proofed as well as hygienic with brilliant colors and long lifetime.
h its puristic and universal product design sinks, bathtubs and shower basins fit in every style of architecture regardless if the style is classic black & white, natural country style or a clear and modern style of furnishing. Glass lined steel is very resilient and sturdy.

During the burning process the porcelain enamel is inextricably melted onto the steel structure. The characteristic of the surface is absolutely hygienic. Glass lined sanitary goods meet highest requirements in consideration of strength and hygienic friendliness. They are abrasion resistant, scratch proof as well as resistant to acids and chemicals. Bacteria and mold have not got any chance to settle on the surface. Neither cosmetic or medical bath additives nor perfumes can cause any damage. Burning or glowing items (e.g.  cigarettes) cannot do any harm. Additionally enamel is fadeless and odorless.

“Anti-slip-enameling” prevents accidents in wet bathtubs or shower basins.  Equipped with a self-cleaning pearl-effect the water rolls off the smooth and hard surface taking all the dirt with it. Steel is a very good heat conductor so it takes the heat from the ambience and the water. The heat taken from the steel goes back to the water in case the water is cooling down. According to customer tests the wall of the bathtub above the water level is also getting warmed. The cooling attitude of the water is similar with bathtubs made of steel, casting or acrylic because the heat loss

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