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Enamel & Architecture
The enamelling of steel produces a composite material with the characteristics of steel combined with the hardness of glass.

With the specific characteristics of enamel like:

Inflammable, Light resistant, Unfading, Scratch resistant, Bacteria inhibiting, Anti-static & frost resistant, Anti graffiti. Artistic designable, Easy to clean, No aging process, No under rusting

Porcelain Enamelled surfaces are an ideal partner for interior design as  well as for exterior design, especially if the surface is stressed by  environmental pollution in agglomerations such as dust, emissions, acid  rain and last but not least damage caused by sprayers and hobby artists.  Glass lined steel is used for switches and walls in public buildings,  airports, underground stations, phone boxes, counters and so on. With  its antibacterial characteristics and its resistance against moisture,  it is possible to use it in hospitals, clean rooms, swimming pools and  sanitary facilities. Because of its brightness, the colour and the  possibilities for decoration enamel provides not just a safety appliance  but an important decoration material of impressing beauty.
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