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Enamel & Environment
The production of enamel frits and the enameling process are both very environmental friendly. Enamel is based on natural, inorganic resources.Mainly silica, feldspar, borax, sodium, potash and metallic oxides are the raw materials for the production of enamel. The scarce resources of planet earth are not getting touched. During the production there is no need of organic solvents. Glass lined products can be stressed hard and provide 100% longer lifetime compared to other materials. On the aspect of quality, operating efficiency and ecology enamel is a high class surface protection.

Recovered substance cycle
Glass lined products can be recycled without any effort. It is easy to put the used materials back into the substance cycle. This is to reduce the amount of waste and to protect our resources. Metal can be recycled again and again. Enamel is non flammable so there is no air pollution during the recycling process. As enamel is free of chlorine, the formation of dioxides can be excluded. Waste which is produced during the manufacturing process can be recycled, as this is the point where the protection of resources starts.

Environmental orientation
Ecology is an important part of today’s research: Main points are energy-saving methods for melting the material, the improvement of the burning technology, the use of the process heat as well as the material cycle between producers and consumers

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