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Enamel & Information
Glass lined billboards were mainly used until 1950 on business premises, on street lighting and public means of transport. They were the information boards par excellence. Even most of the traffic signs and house number signs were made of enamel.

The value of such signs of former days is depending on the type of production, the artwork, the age as well as the condition. A glass lined sign in perfect condition could cost several thousand Euros.
If there are nowadays some other production techniques the enameled signs have not lost their importance for means like quality and long lifetime. Business-, practice- and information signs get a personal touch because of individual fonts. Logos and business signs can be produced in original colors. Billboards made of glass lined steel make sure that the fascinating charisma is projected onto the product. The individual execution according to customers’ needs lead to a distinctive presentation of the product and the company.

Brewery- and tap signs show with everlasting freshness the served type of beer. Signs for street names and house numbers do not wear, they are easy to read and they look as good as new after years. Technical signs for example in refineries or on railroads last under hardest conditions and are resistant against chemicals and solvents. The durable and functional fulfillment of this task is the major issue.

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